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"If we don't take care of our customers someone else will."


Customer Service Training for Managers

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics service must be a priority if companies are to be financially successful.  The level of competition for the same goods and services is so fierce that customers cannot be ignored!

Unfortunately, many persons in leadership position often underestimate the value of customer service training for their employees.  Furthermore, many exhibit an indifference towards customers, which more often than not are modeled by those they lead.   At the same time they have charged these employees with being the face of the business through their interaction with customers.  It is a major risk turning over your business to individuals who although maybe willing, may not have the necessary tools to effectively do their job.  So, if managers do not care about customer service, research tells us employees won't either!

According to research:

  • Customers are five times more likely to go to your competitor because of service breakdown than for price or product quality
  • Dissatisfied customers will be happy to tell their friends and family about their negative service experience
  • 70% of dissatisfied customers who do not get their complaints resolved to their satisfaction will not bring their business back to you
  • If you solve customers' problem on the spot 95% will continue doing business with you
  • An average customer's lifetime with a company lasts approximately 10 years if service provided by well-trained employees
  • A company with poor customer service have a higher rate of employee turnover

This is the inspiration for developing a customer service training program specifically for managers.  Independent research supports our own which clearly indicates that it is not just employees who should be trained in customer service, but also those in leadership roles.  Managers will experience first-hand how customer service impacts their ability to be successful.  


Some of the topics covered:

  • Why customer service training?
  • Customer expectations
  • Benefits of customer service training


  • Showing and debriefing of customer service training video
  • Carefully designed training exercises to reinforce to managers the importance of ensuring ongoing training for everyone

Important takeaways:

  • Customer service training is a must for everyone in the organization
  • Employees who receive on-going customer service training project confidence when dealing with customers
  • Well-trained employees are better positioned to positively manage the customer experience
  • Employee interaction has a more powerful impact than any amount of advertising and promotion
  • Good customer service is financially beneficial to everyone

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