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When Mr. Pearson asked if I would write a testimonial, my immediate thought was that I could in fact write an essay as to the benefits of employing his training expertise and professionalism that, until now, has only been available to large corporations with a significant H.R. budget. While sitting in on the first workshop, with my first group of employees attending, I was evaluating his effectiveness; I could hardly contain my enthusiasm for what I had just discovered. Employees who were, at first, skeptical and some even hesitant when I distributed the memo scheduling workshops, were all having fun and were excited about what they learned. Impressive learning had occurred. They all returned as great ambassadors for those yet to attend, and most importantly handling customer service with confidence. I will stop myself short by simply stating that I believe in the value of Mr. Pearson’s training so much that I have shared my excitement with friends in my industry. I am overwhelmingly confident that if you utilize his services, you will appreciate the results, regardless of your industry. My friends have agreed with my assessment and satisfaction. 

Carlos  Collado


Fine Fare Supermarket, Bronx, NY

As a family owned small business, we are often limited in our growth because of limited resources.  It sometimes proves difficult to find consultants that are talented, offer quality services but at the same time are affordable.  But that is exactly what we found in Pearson Training and Consultants.  We were referred to Dennis Pearson by a fellow small business owner in the food retail industry who had run a successful customer service training program with Mr. Pearson's help.  When I called Mr. Pearson to discuss my concerns with the same topic he was quick  to respond.  We scheduled  a meeting to ensure we were both on the same page and had the same expectations and goals.  We worked together to develop a curriculum for our employees that would be of interest to them and would effectively explain to them the importance of customer service.  With Mr. Pearson's orientation we were able to implement exceptional customer service.

With all the constant changes we are seeing in the food industry and in retail in general, the one thing that is clear is that customers are willing to pay a little more or travel a little farther when they are receiving excellent service.  This is something that Mr. Pearson and his consulting services were able to help us improve.  We continue to work with Mr. Pearson and continue to use his exceptional services because we have seen how they have improved our busniness. The affordable cost to develop and implement this training program makes this investment invaluable to us.

Jenny Jorge


Compare Foods, Freeport, NY

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